High Elven War Helm


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In the Second Age of Middle-earth, the Dark Lord Sauron stretched his shadow across the land, corrupting and enslaving the people in a gloom of despair and fear. Gil-galad, the King of the Ñoldorin Elves, joined with Elendil, King of Gondor, to forge The Last Alliance of Elves and Men in order to defeat the evil Sauron and his legion of orcs. The Ñoldorin Elves were noble, elegant and magical beings that lived in harmony with the natural world and its forces. The high sophistication of the Elven race carried over into the design of their armor and weapons. Their war helms had the appearance of being beaten out of a single sheet of a bronze-like alloy, with decorative raised golden vines adorning the surface. Embossed into the nose guards were the Elvish runes signifying that these soldiers were under the command of Gil-galad, the last King of the Ñoldorin High Elves. This authentically detailed replica is a reproduction of the actual filming prop used in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring™? presented by New Line Cinema. The helm is crafted of reinforced polyresin, with precisely-molded details and coloring. Each helmet is presented with a wood display stand and a brass medallion. This adult collectible is strictly limited to 5000 pieces worldwide and is individually hand serial numbered inside the helmet to ensure authenticity.

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Weight 28.33 lbs