Do you ship to my country?

Most likely… yes! Castle Kon ships worldwide wherever it is legal to do so. Please check your local import laws to confirm, but we have shipped to over 20 countries and have never had a problem in almost a decade. Note: Castle Kon is not liable for loss of items due to border/customs seizing any items.

– Castle Kon

When does ___________ pre-order ship?

Thank you for being a diligent knight of Kon. We have a sticky post that has all the current estimates for pre-order release dates. Remember, there are very few on-time releases. If anyone claims to have it before us, they have outdated info as we get our orders 2-4 days after UC gets them. Please see below and thank you for your patience:

– Castle Kon

Are your items “real” or licensed?

Castle Kon is an authorized retailer of United Cutlery’s and Weta’s finest Lord of the Rings and Hobbit prop replicas. The items are NOT functional and should NEVER be used for any other purpose than display. Items will come with certificates of authenticity and should be considered as fragile collectible art pieces. Using any of these items other than for display will damage and/or break the item. Note: Castle Kon is not liable for any harm caused by misuse.

– Castle Kon

How are your prices so low? How can you be the least expensive in the world?

Castle Kon buys directly from United Cutlery and has no middle-orc distributor raising prices. Also, we are collectors first and a retailer second. This is a side business that we started to share our love of Tolkien prop replicas with the world. We honestly make about $25-$30 “profit” per item which we typically put the proceeds to rescuing cats who we then name after Tolkien inspired characters.

– Castle Kon

What is it like to buy from Castle Kon in Australia?

As an Australian, the process of ordering from Castle Kon could not have been simpler for me. It is something I have been doing for years, and something I will undoubtedly continue to do. [The] website is remarkably simple to navigate. Firstly you place an order. Then, assuming the item is in stock (if you pre-order something due in later, this process occurs as soon as it arrives) I receive a notification that my order is ready to ship. Castle Kon then prints the shipping labels and organises pick up with the courier of your choice (personally, I pay extra for UPS expedited over USPS because I have found in my experience my order generally arrives within 8 days, whereas USPS’ track record average is 3-6 weeks). Castle Kon sends me tracking once the item is sent and I generally follow that every day. Another bonus to UPS is on demand delivery, USPS defaults to Australia Post on arrival into Australia. Customs is usually quite fast at processing my items, never usually more than 24hrs but once or twice has been up to maybe 4 business days at most with USPS. I’d recommend ordering in batches if bulk ordering, as anything over $1000aud will attract a hefty customs fee. Split your orders and you won’t have an issue. As I said, UPS arrive quickly and are an on demand courier service, where you can choose when would suit – they are normally even a day or so early in my experience though (Logan area, Brisbane). AUS Post generally take as long as they like but it’s usually within the week. I have never had any issues with my orders, I have been a customer for years now and have 35 UC pieces, 80% of which were sourced here. Castle Kon is a trustworthy seller and the best option for Australians.

– Lachy’s Lasers

What is it like to buy from Castle Kon in Canada?

For USPS shipping – “We check the tracking once it gets into Canada (it takes them a while to update through customs and keep a lookout in the mail. We get a card in our Box that tells us we have a package and go to the local post office where they are keeping it. I pick it up at the post office and pay the cost for duty around $25 per item.”

– J. Carter

What is it like to buy from Castle Kon in the United Kingdom?

“I received an email from UPS regarding customs that there was a shipping/import charge to be made before [my Théodred sword] would be released from the UPS warehouse in Longwood, FL, which of course I paid.

This was £43.40 which I paid through Paypal and the item was released and shipped overseas to me. Everything went very smoothly and it got to me in perfect condition, 0 damage which i’m extremely happy about.”

What is it like to buy from Castle Kon in France?

“J’ai passé commande le 15/07/2023. Après 3 ou 4 jours j’ai reçu un message m’indiquant de payer les frais douaniers soit entre 10 et 20% de l’ensemble de la somme initiale et même avec ses frais ajoutés le coût est toujours intéressant. J’ai reçu mon colis le 21/07/2023 soit moins d’une semaine après ma commande à l’heure indiquée. Je pense que pour une expédition au départ des états unis cela est plus que respectable. Par le vendeur car les prix sont très honnêtes pour des répliques authentiques.”

– Loic C.