Castle Kon™ is a collector owned business based in sunny Florida, USA selling many different geek collectibles providing the highest quality customer service worldwide.

Who we are

Let us just say there are way more Knights of Kon protecting Arda than there are inside the Castle…

Lady Christina

Lord Christian

Our Promise

We are collectors just like you and try our best to run the business with Tolkien-based values showing our highest quality. What does this mean?

  • We only sell items we would want to collect ourselves. If an item is of lower quality, we remove it from stock and make it special order only (looking at you Hadhafang).
  • We sell for the lowest possible price we are allowed to by United and Weta. If there is a lower price out there, we’ll try and beat it with coupons and shipping discounts.
  • We put YOU our loyal knights above profit by giving extra discounts for pre-orders and try to never raise prices until forced to do so.
  • We protect the environment from the machines of Orthanc as best we can. E.g., reduce waste by buying in bulk, reuse boxes and packing materials (yes, some of our Franken-boxes are wild looking), and recycle all other materials where able.
  • What profits the business makes, we either reinvest back into the business to improve customer experience or feed the rescue cats: Lorien, Estë, Nessa, Varda, and Yavanna.

Why our clients love us!


With Castle Kon, you are working directly with the owners, not some large corporation company.


For over 10 years, we have shipped to over 20 countries worldwide. Wherever it is legal to import these decorative collectibles, we shall ship!


We are an authorized retailer directly from United Cutlery and Weta. That means we can offer the LOWEST prices worldwide with no middle-orc up charging you.