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n the depths of the pitch-black night, veiled by darkness, only the sporadic glimmers of moonlight upon grim blades betrayed their lurking presence.

In dire need of refuge, Frodo, with haste, surrendered his destiny to the One Ring. But solace did not greet him. Rather, he beheld a pale and spectral sight: echoes of ages past, haunting and ethereal. Amidst the Unseen Lands, only the sickening radiance of the wraiths endured.

Renowned sculptor Brigitte Wuest, known for her skills across Middle-earth characters, crafted the impeccable Classic Series Ringwraith of Mordor collectible, capturing the menace of Sauron’s chief servant, particularly in the hyper-realistic detailing of the Ringwraith’s ancient cloak.

Now, once again demonstrating her talents, she has immaculately carved out the ghoulish visage of the Witch-king’s spectral form. Complementing Brigitte’s skills with our experienced manufacturing team, everything from casting to painting has been harmonized together in such a way that this ghastly figure achieves a level of etherealness unlike any before.


  • 1:6 scale
  • Primarily made from polystone to ensure detail retention
  • Translucent polyresin creates an ethereal wraith-like figure
  • Metal alloy used to form the Witch-king’s ancient blade
  • Polyurethane hairs prevent breakage and ensure longevity
  • Physically sculpted by Wētā Workshop artist Brigitte Wuest
  • As seen in the iconic Weathertop scene from The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Created using references to the original props and costume

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