Weta Polystone Masters Collection – Dead Marshes (Limited Edition)


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In this dank swamp the dead warriors of long ago lie as they fell: Orcs, Elves and Men. Cold flames flicker over their unnaturally immutable remains and lifeless white eyes beckon travelers to a watery doom.

With no other way open, Sam and Frodo must make their way through the marshes with Gollum as their guide. Mount Doom is their goal, and the One Ring their precious charge: a quest demanding secrecy and stealth.

The Hobbits must trust the word and eye of their treacherous advisor, who has been this way before and knows its secret ways. Yet with each step the Ring weighs heavier on Frodo and the eldritch magic of the mire calls out to him, drawing him to the water, where green hands hang ready to pull him under, dragging him down to a cold wet grave


  • Limited Edition;
  • 1:6 scale statue;
  • Made from high quality polystone;
  • Clay sculpted by Middle-earth veteran Brigitte Wuest, with support from Gary Hunt and Shaun Bolton;
  • Depicts both the natural and mystical sides of Middle-earth, as seen above and below the water;
  • Including five characters and three unique materials, within a dynamic environment;
  • Spirits of the dead can be seen beneath the water, tucked within the gnarled roots;
  • Unique lighting combined with expert paint application brings the underwater action to life;
  • LED powered, flickering flames and ambient underwater environment (USB-C cord included).

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