Weta Mini Prop Replica – Helm of the Rohirrim Soldier 1:4 Scale

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The people of Rohan were known to outsiders as the flaxen-haired Rohirrim, or Horse-lords, in reference to the close affinity they enjoyed with their horses. Indeed, there were no finer riders among all the tribes of Men. The Eorlingas, they named themselves, as followers of the Line of Eorl, who founded the kingdom of Rohan.

A proud people, they lived mostly in small settlements scattered across the plains of The Mark, as Rohan was also known. The greatest of which was Edoras, where King Théoden dwelt in the last days of the Third Age. During the War of the Ring, Théoden led the Rohirrim to Helm’s Deep when they were betrayed by Saruman the White, and later lead a great host of Riders to the aid of Gondor where they helped save the city of Minas Tirith.

The Rohirrim resisted Sauron, fighting alongside their Gondorian allies at the Black Gate, and affirmed their alliance in the years after through the marriage of the Lady Éowyn of Rohan to Faramir, Steward of Gondor.


Each 1:4 scale Helm is made from polystone and comes in an edition of just 750.

Accompanying your Limited Edition helm: an exclusive behind-the-scenes insert written by Weta Workshop senior concept designer and author, Daniel Falconer, detailing how the film version was brought to the big screen!

*Please note: images are of a pre-production prototype. Each sculpture is hand painted and minor variation will occur.

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