Weta Mini Epics – Frodo Baggins (2022)

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Even the humblest of creatures can perform the mightiest of deeds; this is one Mini Epic that you shouldn’t underestimate.

In the face of great danger, outnumbered, and against all odds, Frodo proves that even the most insurmountable of journeys can be accomplished with enough persistence and a faithful friend at your side.

Mini Epics Art Director Mauro Santini looks back at his journey by revisiting the first character to join the Mini Epics team: Frodo Baggins. Building upon all that he’s learnt along the way, this vinyl collectible is not just a tribute to a rich and multi-faceted character, but a testament to the journey made along the way.

Product Features:

  • Premium, stylised vinyl figure
  • Clothes weathered and weary from a long and perilous journey
  • Armed with his Elven blade Sting, glowing blue in the presence of an enemy
  • Gripping the deadliest of jewellery, the One-Ring
  • Sculpted by Wētā Workshop’s Mini Epics Art Director, Mauro Santini.

“MINI EPICS let us breathe new life into much-loved characters…then give them an unexpected twist! They are a sculptor’s dream.”

– Mauro Santini – Mini Epics Art Director, Wētā Workshop

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