Weta – BUNDLE King Aragorn and Coronation Arwen Classic Series (Pre-Order)

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This is a pre-order sale. The current estimate from Weta is July 2024. However, as many of you are aware, not a single pre-order estimate in the past five years has been on time. As such, please follow the Castle Kon Facebook page for updates on this and other pre-orders. Also, if any other seller claims to have this before Castle Kon (other than Weta directly), it is most likely out-of-date information. Castle Kon will receive its pre-ordered amount 3 – 5 days after our distributor gets them in stock from Weta and we ship within a week of receiving the items.

We are setting a $200+ FREE SHIPPING for US customers and discounted shipping for international folks with non refundable deposit with the remainder due March 31, 2024. If the item is shipped earlier, Castle Kon will email to pay earlier. If the ship date pushes out, we shall move the remainder pay date accordingly (or try to since the system does not always work sorry!)

*Non-refundable note: Castle Kon does not get refunded the PayPal / credit card fees when providing refunds. As such, we are moving to a credit transfer process. For example, if you purchase this item for deposit of $200, and desire a refund, we will cancel the pre-order and provide a $200 credit toward any other order with Castle Kon OR will provide a 95% refund ($190.00).


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