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As this is an extremely limited edition of 900, we do want to give as many of you the chance of getting one of them which is why we decided to open a waitlist. We’ve ordered an additional 10 items, which we will most likely receive in Q4. Unfortunately, Weta does not guarantee the number of items we will receive, which means that there is a possibility that we will not be able to fulfill your order. Again, it is very likely we will receive our entire order as this has never been an issue in the past.

Since this is a waitlist position, we have lowered the deposit to $50 per order with the remainder not being due until we have confirmation of availability. If we did not receive all 10 we will ship based on order date, the earlier the order the higher you are on the waitlist. If we cannot fulfill your order, we will refund your deposit. 


This is a pre-order sale. The current estimate from Weta is October 2024. However, as many of you are aware, very few pre-order estimates in the past five years have been on time. Also, if any other seller claims to have this before Castle Kon (other than Weta directly), it is most likely out-of-date information. Castle Kon will receive its pre-ordered amount 3 – 5 days after our distributor gets them in stock from Weta and we ship within a week of receiving the items.

We are setting a $50 + FREE SHIPPING for US customers and discounted shipping for international folks with non refundable deposit with the remainder due upon confirmation of availability in October 2024. If the item is shipped earlier, Castle Kon will email to pay earlier. If the ship date pushes out, we shall move the remainder pay date accordingly (or try to since the system does not always work sorry!)

*Non-refundable note: Castle Kon does not get refunded the PayPal / credit card fees when providing refunds. As such, we are moving to a credit transfer process. For example, if you purchase this item for deposit of $100, and desire a refund, we will cancel the pre-order and provide a $100 credit toward any other order with Castle Kon OR will provide a 95% refund ($95.00).


The beacons blazed with ancient promise, beckoning to Rohan, and so they heeded the call. Before them, their comrades-in-arms endured the onslaught of the Dark Lord’s minions, holding fast within their fortress. It was in this dire hour that King Théoden™ marshalled his forces, stirring the spirits of his kinfolk, condemning the shadow’s oppression, and pronouncing their decree: Death.

This penultimate moment of majesty has been faithfully recreated here as a stunning sculptural masterpiece. Senior sculptor Mauro Santini worked wonders into every element of this collectible, from the imposing weight of the warhorse Snowmane™, about to burst forth with righteous fury, to the finely detailed leather armour of King Théoden, accented with brass plating and built for battle.
King Théoden’s armour is a well-known example of the level of care and dedication that Wētā Workshop put into realizing the world of Middle-earth, with the screen-used armour having been on display in our Wētā Cave for many years, the intricacies of each and every feature viewed in all its glory by thousands of fans from around the globe.
It was evident that this collectible demanded a similar level of excellence. As members of the same group that worked on these magnificent pieces over 20 years ago, our team was able to accurately and authentically recreate this glimpse of Middle-earth’s history—a sincere homage to an enduring legacy.

•1:6 scale;
•Limited Edition of 900 pieces;
•Depicts Théoden as he appears in the climactic battle of The Return of the King™;
•Gallantly mounted upon his steed Snowmane, ready to lead the charge;
•Digitally sculpted by Mauro Santini with references from the original movie costume.

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