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This is a pre-order sale. The current estimates for United Cutlery pre-orders are located on a stickied post in our Facebook page. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRE-ORDER ESTIMATE DATES! However, as many of you are aware, not a single pre-order estimate in the past five years has been on time. As such, please follow the Castle Kon Facebook page for updates on this and other pre-orders. Also, if any other seller claims to have this before Castle Kon (other than United Cutlery’s directly owned retail arm), it is most likely out-of-date information. Castle Kon will receive its pre-ordered amount 3 – 5 days after United Cutlery gets them in stock from the factory and we ship within a week of receiving the items.

We are setting a $25 + shipping non refundable deposit with the remainder due October 1, 2023. If the item is shipped earlier, Castle Kon will email to pay earlier. If the ship date pushes out to 2024, we shall move the remainder pay date accordingly (or try to since the system does not always work sorry!)

*Non-refundable note: Castle Kon does not get refunded the PayPal / credit card fees when providing refunds. As such, we are moving to a credit transfer process. For example, if you purchase this item for deposit of $25 + $25 shipping ($50), and desire a refund, we will cancel the pre-order and provide a $50 credit toward any other order with Castle Kon OR will provide a 95% refund ($47.50).


The original model from 10 years ago is the “top” one near the helm and plaque. The new revision has a more accurate color and pike/spike shape. Castle Kon does NOT sell the original. The helm is in prototype and we currently do not have any other information about it. You will only receive ONE SCIMITAR 😀


The Uruk-Hai were a breed of large Orcs, evil fighting creatures created to destroy the world of Men. They were bred by Saruman in the depths of his stronghold, Orthanc. They bore Saruman’s symbol of the white hand on their shields and helmets and were armed with deadly swords. These brutal, blunt-tipped weapons were roughly forged by Orc blacksmiths in the mines of Orthanc. They were built for chopping attacks, but also featured a deadly spike on the top of the blade tip for puncturing armor. This authentically detailed sword is a reproduction an actual filming prop crafted by Weta Workshop of New Zealand and featured in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film presented by New Line Cinema. The 24 3/4″ false-edged blade features a battle worn finish, made to simulate the roughly corroded-metal look of the actual film props. This finish is intentional and not a defect. With an overall length of 31 7/8″, it is constructed of one-piece high carbon steel with a genuine leather-wrapped wood grip. Each sword is presented with a wall display plaque patterned after the Uruk-Hai helm and shield shapes and adorned with the hand of Saruman graphic.

  • This is a licensed, authentic reproduction of the actual prop used in the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • The sword is 31 7/8″ of one-piece of high carbon steel with a genuine leather-wrapped wooden grip and a battle-worn finish
  • A wall plaque, patterned after the Uruk-Hai helmet and printed with the hand of Saruman graphic comes with the sword

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