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Strider, also known as Aragorn, served as a Ranger of the North. He was the son of Arathorn, and heir to the Kingdom of Gondor. In The War of the Ring Strider joined the Fellowship in their quest to destroy the One Ring that threatened his countrymen and bravely fought against the forces of Sauron. In addition to his Ranger sword, Strider carried a curved Elven knife, given to him by the elf queen Galadriel. Engraved on the blade were runes in the Elvish language of Sindarin that say Gud Daedheloth. This translated to Foe of Morgoth’s realm. It proved to be a valuable asset in his battles against the forces of Sauron, including the defense of Helms Deep and his fight against Lurtz, the leader of Saruman’s evil breed of Orcs, the Uruk-hai. This authentically detailed knife replica is a reproduction of an actual filming prop used in THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy of films presented by New Line Cinema. The knife has an overall length of 19 5/8″. It features a stainless steel blade engraved with Sindarin script, and a solid metal pommel. A replica of the scabbard is included, featuring a leather wrapping and solid metal fittings. Each knife is presented with a wood wall display and certificate of authenticity.

  • This is an officially licensed reproduction of the prop that was actually used by the actor in the Lord of the Rings films
  • The 19 5/8″ overall knife has a stainless steel blade with engraved Elvish runes and a solid metal pommel
  • The knife can be displayed, in its leather-wrapped scabbard, on the included wooden wall plaque

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