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This is a pre-order sale. The current estimates for United Cutlery pre-orders are located on a stickied post in our Facebook page. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRE-ORDER ESTIMATE DATES! However, as many of you are aware, not a single pre-order estimate in the past five years has been on time. As such, please follow the Castle Kon Facebook page for updates on this and other pre-orders. Also, if any other seller claims to have this before Castle Kon (other than United Cutlery’s directly owned retail arm), it is most likely out-of-date information. Castle Kon will receive its pre-ordered amount 3 – 5 days after United Cutlery gets them in stock from the factory and we ship within a week of receiving the items.

We are setting a $15 + shipping non-refundable* deposit with the remainder due before the item ships. If the item is received earlier than the estimate, Castle Kon will email to pay earlier. If the ship date pushes out to 2026, we shall move the remainder pay date accordingly (or try to since the system does not always work sorry!)

*Non-refundable note: Castle Kon does not get refunded the PayPal / credit card fees when providing refunds. As such, we are moving to a credit transfer process. For example, if you purchase this item for deposit of $15, and desire a refund, we will cancel the pre-order and provide a $15 credit toward any other order with Castle Kon OR will provide a 95% refund ($14.25).


This is “Herugrim” – legendary sword of revered horse-lord King Theoden of Rohan. Herugrim means “Very fierce or cruel, savage” in Rohirric, as translated through Old English.

This new Battle Forged edition of the popular Herugrim sword from The Lord of the Rings™ films is made in the traditional manner with a full tang, tempered 1070 high carbon steel blade (false edged), and lost wax cast hilt parts. The blade features a double fuller and a full tang that is peened through the pommel, just like the real-steel hero filming props. The hilt features a solid brass guard and pommel with fine detailing and an aged and worn finish. The genuine leather-wrapped grip is shaped from real wood. Herugrim comes with a black and gold wood wall display and a certificate of authenticity.


  • This is the first in United’s new “Battle Forged” edition line. We will be seeing this line for the first time along with you all as well. Everything we know is in this listing or on our Facebook page.
  • This line of swords is made with a high carbon steel blade meaning that it is VERY PRONE to rust. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the sword clean and well oiled. Castle Kon cleans our personal armory with a mix of kitchen knife oil, firearm cleaning solutions, and end with Renaissance Wax for a sealer. We are not responsible for rusting or patina issues due to mismanaged maintenance by the buyer.
  • While the sword is considered full tang with peened pommel, Castle Kon maintains that this is a high quality, movie collectible. This is NOT a weapon, it is a beautiful piece of art.
  • Castle Kon is not responsible for any damage or harm that occurs from the misuse of this item by the buyer.

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