Second Age Gondorian War Shield


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RELEASE DATE – United Cutlery has not given an official release date on this item yet. As always, we shall keep you updated on any changes to this status. The current due date, if you place a deposit for the remaining balance is April 1, 2023. If the shield is delayed, that due date will be extended. If the shield comes in early, we will require full payment early prior to shipping.

LIMITED EDITION SIZE – This item has a limited edition of 1500. Castle Kon does NOT know how many United Cutlery still has to make. However, Castle Kon usually receives orders in the first 250 items that United gets. If for whatever reason, Castle Kon is not shipped the amount of shields as we have orders, you will receive a 100% refund and we will take the loss. However, we have never in almost 10 years NOT received the amount we preorder.

SHIPPING – This is a REALLY BIG item. As such, it has to be shipped alone. The website should auto-calculate shipping costs. For many of you, it may be a shock to see shipping as high as it is. Due to the size of this item it MUST BE SHIPPED UPS. My rates are negotiated down by 30-40% less than if I went into a store. Unfortunately, the item is too big to ship via US Postal Service. If you see shipping for $250 – $450, this is accurate. I am really sorry and if anyone desires to see proof of the shipping costs, we can share screenshots. This shipping also comes with $380 in insurance to make sure your shield gets to you in one piece. If you are not getting shipping calculated, please message us on Facebook or email us at and we can help get you that shipping quote. If you have more than this item in your cart, please remove other items prior to checkout to get accurate shipping


The Great War shield carried by the soldiers of the White City of Gondor in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men! A replica of the actual filming prop used in the prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Limited edition of 1500 pieces worldwide
  • Each piece is individually serial numbered; Includes a certificate of authenticity
  • Cast in hard polyresin, decorated to exactly match the prop
  • Features the Tree of Gondor and Crown motifs in raised relief
  • Comes with a cloth war banner of Gondor
  • Carrying strap and handle on the back side; Mounting hardware for wall display
  • 44 3/4″ x 18 7/8″

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Weight 81 lbs


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